🎥🌹Live-Action Beauty and the Beast Review (but no details) 🌹🎥

Let me start out with saying Disney has gone above and beyond my expectations with the live- action making of this movie. I have been very skeptical watching the trailers for the last several months about how it was going to end up being depicted and if it was going to be true to the original like Cinderella was. 

This blog post is not going to reveal any specifics because I know some of you addicts may have not been able to see it yet so I will keep it short and sweet. Ok here goes nothing…

I have loved Beauty and the Beast since it’s original release in 1991. I was so nervous about this live action version and was skeptical about some of the casting, but not Josh Gad, you can’t ever go wrong with Olaf lol.  But I loved it 😍. I was in awe from start to finish. It was magical. The visuals, the costumes, the music, the singing, the acting, the new additional songs and enhancements to the characters..everything was amazing. 

I can’t wait until it comes out on DVD so I can watch it over and over again 📀. I am glad I got to share this experience with my dad. He could not get over the extent of the graphics that Disney incorporated  and visual effects. Yes there were a few tears shed 😭.

If you were at all skeptical about seeing this movie, do not walk, RUN, to your nearest theater and watch the all new live-action Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. You can thank me later 😜

Stay Disney my friends and until next time, thanks for being our guest 😋

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