🕯 Review: Spireside Candles 🕯

I found out about this Charleston, South Carolina company through the Disney fan community.  Their name is  Spireside Candles and they make hand made natural soy wax candles and wax tarts. Now here is the exciting part 🤗 their candles scents are inspired by Disney food, attractions and resorts!!!! Say whattttttt?!???!

You can purchase a candle that smells like you just walked into the lobby of the Polynesian, your waiting in line at Main Street Bakery, or even riding through a haunted manor in your doom buggy. I have to say a lot of their scents are spot on 👍. My personal favorite so far that I have burning is Polynesian 🌴🌺🍹. Their website is very descriptive about what the scent will smell like which helps a lot especially when buying something online you do not actually have the luxury of experiencing the smell first hand before purchasing.

The prices are very reasonable for the quality. The only recommendation I would have is I wish the jars that the candles came in were a little more elaborate. I know this would increase the price obviously and then the reasonable priced candle would not be so reasonable anymore. That is why I only said “recommendation”.


Not only does my house look like Disney inside, it now smells like it too.  Check out their online shop and see the vast array of choices they have to choose from.  I can’t wait to try them all! You can visit them at Spireside


*I am not in any way being compensated by the company for this blog post.  I am doing this solely off my personal opinion of this product*




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