DIY: Candied Almonds Recipe 

You know that amazing smell as you walk into Africa at Walt Disney’s Animal Kingdom…that sweet smell of yummy goodness?? Well I have found a perfect recipe to be able to make these delicious candied nuts from home.

Ingredients and supplies


1 Egg white

2 tsp Water

2 tsp Pure vanilla extract

1lb Nut of choice ( I used almonds)

1 CUP Sugar

1 Tbsp Ground cinnamon

1/2 tsp Salt


  1. Preheat oven to 250 degrees
  2. Spray baking sheet with cooking spray 

     3. Mix cinnamon, sugar, and salt in a large plastic bag

      4. Mix egg white, water and vanilla in a mixing bowl and whisk until frothy

     5. Pour the nuts into the bowl and stir around to fully coat them in the liquid mixture

     6. Pour liquid coated nuts into the bag of dry ingredients and toss until fully coated in the sugar mixture

     7. Place the candy coated nuts on your baking sheet and place in the oven

     8. Bake for 1 hour at 250 degrees, stirring every 20 minutes


🍦 Review: Mickey’s Kitchen Sink Sundae- Magic Kingdom 🍦

I finally had the pleasure of enjoying one of the famous Mickey’s Kitchen Sink Sundae’s from the Magic Kingdom. Let me tell you, OMG!
Let’s first talk about the adorable plastic little sink in the shape of Mickey’s iconic red pants that you get to take home as a keepsake.  The knobs are shaped like his white gloves and they actually turn too 😍.

You pick out two of your choice of ice cream flavors to start your sundae. I went with the traditional vanilla and chocolate but there were many other choices to choose from and it is Bryers® brand ice cream if you were wondering. Next, on to the toppings. I chose hot fudge but caramel and peanut butter were also options as well. Top it all off with whipped cream and cherries and you have one yummy dessert!

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🌳🍴 Review – Trail’s End Restaurant at Fort Wilderness Campground 🍴🌳

Last weekend we visited the Fort Wilderness Campground for part of the day and to take Delaney for a pony ride.    We decided to stay on site for lunch and came across the Trail’s End Restaurant located in the far corner of the campground by the dock and boat/golf cart rentals.  Walking in to the dining hall, you immediately get that down home, log cabin type feeling… If that makes any sense lol.  This restaurant was previously buffet style but has since changed to a la carte. 

 After scoring over the menu we finally decided on the barbecue pulled pork sandwich.  Made daily on site, this slow cooked barbecue pulled pork sandwich garnished with country slaw and pickled green tomatoes melts in your mouth.  I don’t personally like coleslaw, slaw, or whatever other names it goes by but this sandwich will defiantly bring you back wanting more. All their sandwiches are served with a side of their house fries.
Overall, it was a great filling lunch and I would recommend it to anyone wanting some, as they call it, “frontier fixin’s & friendly folk.”  With a full bar available offering everything from beer to shine, they have something for everyone. Next time you find yourself in the area, stop by for a bite to eat and explore the camground and all it has to offer. Until next time… Happy trails to you 🐴🐮🌲

Review – Ghirardelli® Soda Fountain  & Chocolate Shop at Downtown Disney 🍦🍨🍪☕️

This review is making me hungry just thinking about it. You can’t go to Downtown Disney and not smell the rich chocolate aroma expelling from the Ghirardelli® Soda Shop when you walk past. Amazing with a capitol 🅰!
With an extensive menu of sundaes, shakes, coffees and chocolate available, we finally decided on the Chrissy Field Cookie Bits Sundae. To sum up this most delicious dessert concoction, it is 3 scoops of ice cream (cookies ‘n cream, vanilla and cookies ‘n cream again), smothered in Ghirardelli® freshly made hot fudge, whipped cream, cookie crumbles and topped with their famous chocolate squares. It’s heaven on earth. It was plenty big enough for all 3 of us to share (2 adults and 1 toddler).
Menu-front view
Menu- back view
Next time your at Downtown Disney and your sweet tooth is yearning for something rich and decadent, stop in the Ghirardelli® Soda Fountain & Chocolate Shop and your stomach can thank me later. Enjoy!

LeFou’s Brew 

This frozen concoction can be found in Disney’s Fantasyland at Gaston’s Tavern near the  Be Our Guest restaurant.  The name comes from Gaston’s sidekick from the movie Beauty and the Beast, LeFou.  The same formulation of this beverage can be found on the west coast at Disneyland’s Cozy Cone Motel.


LeFou’s Brea is a no-sugar added frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow and topped with an all-natural passion fruit-mango foam. It is a great choice on a hot summer day. The next time you are at the magic kingdom on the east coast or Disneyland on the west, be sure to try one…and thank me later. 


Dole Whip

I can’t start off the food and drink section without first highlighting Disney’s iconic Dole Whip.  It is a soft serve delight first sold at Disneyland and then brought to us on the east coast at Walt Disney World and the Walt Disney World’s Polynesian Resort.  My personal favorite is the float with vanilla and orange soft serve floating atop pineapple juice.  It is for sure necessary to get at least one and try it during your next trip.  So next time you are on your way to go grab a quick show in the Tiki Room, make sure to stop by Aloha Isle or the Sunshine Tree Terrace, both in Adventureland, and try one of these amazing concoctions. You will be back for more I am sure.


Enjoying our Dole Whip floats on a hot summer day

dole whip

The iconic Dole Whip in all it’s glory