👚Review:  Disney World Resort Spirit Jersey👚

Guess what this girl finally got her hands on?!?!?!? The social media famed Disney Spirit Jersey from the Walt Disney World Resort has finally been delivered with special thanks to the Shop Disney Parks App helping a sister out lol. I don’t know how long they will be in stock but probably not for long given the rate they sold out the first time they were released.

I happened to be checking the Shop Disney Parks App on Saturday evening, one of the things I usually do to get my daily Disney fix, when what did I happen to scroll past, but this little baby in all her glory. They come in 4 different colors currently ranging from black, navy blue, mint and orange ( looks more like a tangerine coral). I had to go with the ever trusty black. Good staple color to have and matches everything ⚫️⚪️

I don’t know if they are currently in stock at the any of the parks or even on the app so I wasn’t going to take my chances and wait until my next trip to purchase. Awesome thing with that app is your can still use your annual passholder discount 💲💲 Cha Ching!!!!

Well fellow Disney Addicts I’m going to sign off for the day and call it a night. Stay Disney my friends and always remember there’s a great big beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every day ✨

**UPDATE 6/17/17: Epcot has them in stock at Mouse Gear**

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  1. Hello! I have been looking for this shirt EVERYWHERE since our visit a few weeks ago (my fault because I waited too long and it was not available by our last night in the MK) and cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am to see your post! I looked on the Shop Disney Parks app and cannot find it 😦 I’m assuming it’s an indication that it’s sold out. Do you mind me asking what size you purchased? Part of my hesitation when we were at the Emporium was that they looked like they ran super big and I did not have the time at that point to try anything on. I am desperately hoping more will somehow become available – I have dreams about this shirt, haha. I was even on the verge of calling the Emporium to see if there was any help they could give me on how to purchase it. Thank you for the info!

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    • I stalked the shop Disney parks app and also in the parks for like 2 months. Randomly I noticed one night on the app that it was back in stock but very few sizes and colors were available. I over judged on the size but I wanted it baggy to wear with leggings so it didn’t bother me that it was on the larger size. Also, I was afraid it would shrink so again that’s why I ordered a larger size to be on the safe end. My recommendation would be to keep checking the shop parks app. They also at one point had the Disneyland one as well and I was even tempted to get that one if it became available first that’s how bad I wanted this shirt lol. Good luck in your search to find one. Have a magical day ✨


      • I ended up getting someone from merchandise on the phone today and she said the same thing – to just keep checking the app. I will keep trying and hopefully it will pop up one day. Yeah I’m sure the bigger size is comfy, and I like to do the same thing with my shirts and leggings 🙂 Thanks again for the info, and have a magical day yourself! ºoº


    • Yeahhhhhh congrats!! Ya it’s always a chance you take when ordering online if it is going to be true to size or not. Mine is baggy but I like it that way for long sleeved shirts. Glad you were finally able to get ahold of one. Have a magical day ✨


      • Of course when it came, it seemed too big! Rather than send it back to compare sizes through an exchange, I just ordered a second one and will return the other, haha. I see that it’s definitely supposed to be baggy, but it seems super short – like shorter than it is supposed to (and I’m only 5’3″!), and it seems to bow out rather than hug my sides. I’m sure going down a size will shrink the length even more, but we shall see! Other than the short length, I love it!


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