Atlanta Braves Spring Training Season 2017: ESPN Wide World of Sports



We had a blast as usual last weekend at the Atlanta Braves spring training held at the ESPN Wide World of Sports against the Florida Marlins.  We may have not won, we didn’t last year either lol, but its not all about winning or losing, it is about the memories that are made along the way.




The weather was amazing on Saturday.  I should have brought some sunblock because I did get a little red sitting out in the stands for several hours.  Sunny skies and a nice breeze made for a perfect day at the ball field.





The Braves spring training schedule goes until the end of March. Here is a link to their remaining games that will be played out at the ESPN  Wide World of Sports Atlanta Braves spring training schedule 2017




Have a magical day everyone and don’t forget to stay Disney my friends 🙂















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