°o° October 1st 1971…the birth of the “kingdom” 

It’s hard to believe that in 2 1/2 short months it will be the 45th anniversary of the opening of Walt Disney World.  Luckily it falls on a Saturday so I hope to be attending on that landmark day.  Disney has already released special merchandise that will be available during the fall months in celebration of this momentous occasion.  Obviously it won’t be as big as Disneylands Diamond celebration (60 years)that has been going on this whole year so far but this park sits closer to home for me.  
I was able to visit “home” while Disney celebrated their big 25 in 1996.  That year they decorated Cinderella’s castle as a birthday cake.  Hard to grasp that it was 20 years ago lol.  

Visiting during the 25th anniversary in 1996

I have not heard of what, if anything, they will be holding on the actual date of October 1st for the celebration but I will keep you updated as I hear anything announced. Until then my friends, have a magical day ✨

P.S. Thanks mom for digging through old albums to find this picture for me 😘

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