Missing Disney and How to Cope 

Our family personally choses not to visit the parks during the summer months not only because the crowds are very large due to kid’s being out of school but also the HEAT is almost unbearable.  So what can you do during those hot summer months ☀️ to help get your Disney fix?  Well, here is a list of a few things that I do to help pass the time until we go “home” again.


  • Plan your next trip (trips) 📆…well currently at this moment I have 4 upcoming planned trips just waiting for those hot months to start to pass us by.  45th anniversary of opening day of Magic Kingdom, runDisney Wine and Dine weekend race, Thanksgiving trip with extended family, and Delaney’s birthday/Christmas trip.  If I had to my way, there would probably be like 10 more planned in there lol but we will start with these and go from there.


  • Watch Disney Movies...with the recent release of Finding Dory, there is never a lack of Disney magic in the theaters to help keep the magic alive in our hearts.


  • Buy Disney stuff 😍…my favorite of all the coping mechanisms lol.  You can never have too much Disney parphernalia that’s for sure.  Whoever said money can’t buy happiness obviously never went to Disney before lol.


Until next time my friends, have a magical day ✨ and think happy thoughts, your next trip home should be here before you know it °o°



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