Build Your Own Droid in Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios 🤖

Who wouldn’t want to build their own custom, remote control droid? Well you can have the opportunity to do so at Droid Depot located in Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Reservations are not required but recommended for this experience which you can make up to 60 days in advance. You can still partake in the activity without a reservation but you are subject to long lines with high wait times.

The cost for this experience is $99.99 per astromech droid unit, plus tax. Unfortunately you can not use any DVC or AP discounts for the droid unit itself. You are able to use your discount on accessories such as personality chips or jet packs. You have two styles of astromech units to choose from: the R-series (classic R2-D2 style) or the newer know BB series (BB-8). My daughter chose the classic R-series so we headed to check in and purchase our “credits” and begin assembly of our droid.

Anxiously waiting her turn to build
So many choices

We were directed to our place over at the assembly line and instructed the parts we would need to select to complete our unit. They also have a layout for you to reference at your station so you know what you need to be looking for as it comes past on the assembly line. There are many color options and styles to choose from and Delaney had it already set in her mind that she wanted purple so that was what we started hunting for first. Once we secured the purple head for her unit, we then grabbed a black body and legs to complete our R2.

Delaney’s selection for her R2 style droid

Now for the fun part, assembling the droid. We moved to the final station for assembly and with the help of a CM we began putting together our R2. After you have completed the assembly process, the CM will need to activate your unit and make sure that all parts are working properly and then adding the personalty chip that Delaney had picked out for her unit.

Time to build

We passed inspection and were now ready to take him out for a spin. Right outside of Droid Depot, Disney has set up a nice padded area for you to gather with other droids and play. The ground in Batuu is rather rocky and uneven so this special area makes it easier for your droid to roll around.

Play time

After we were finished playing with the other droids around we decided to take R2-10u (she decided on this name I guess because she is on 10u softball 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣) for a photo shoot around Batuu. Highly recommend this experience next time your visiting Hollywood Studios. It was a fun bonding experience and she had a blast. Props to Delaney for saving up for this all on her own for the past 6 months. Go little Rockstar ⭐️

Have a magical day friends and stay Disney ✨

The force
My mini me and I in Batuu