Fort Wilderness Campground and Cabins-Weekend Trip to the Fort 🏕🌤

I have been very bad this past year in posting on this blog. I guess sometimes we just get so caught up in life and responsibilities that we forget to step back and cherish the moments we have experienced and the loved ones we are surround by. On that note, let’s take a trip to one of our resort favorites on site, The Cabins at Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground.

Our Cabin

This resort has quickly become our favorite mainly for our family’s love of the outdoors and wildlife…when I say our family I mainly mean my husband 🤣. My favorite part personally is driving the golf cart all around the resort.

Delaney and Walter ready to go for a ride around the Fort
My husband’s favorite part when we visit

First thing when you arrive you want to get settled in either to your campsite or your cabin and start decorating. It can be a holiday weekend or just a normal Wednesday and you will find decorations everywhere. Garden flags and lawn blow ups tend to be rather popular choices I have noticed during our trips.

Custom garden flag and solar light post that I made
Our Mickey flag we hung from the porch

A little know favorite of ours is the scavenger hunt groups that you can find on social media. My personal favorite is Original Fort Wilderness Scavenger Hunts on Facebook. Visitors to the Fort can post photos and clues for treasures they have hidden around the property. There are rules to follow and safety is also a factor so don’t hide anything somewhere that could put someone in a dangerous situation. The types of treasures hidden range anywhere from little trinkets to custom hand made items. It is something you usually need to plan ahead for so be sure to follow their page on Facebook before you arrive for your trip for tips.

Minnie Mouse key chain we hid at one of the comfort stations
Delaney’s treasures she found

If you are a fan of horses, make sure to visit the Tri-Circle-D Ranch on the property. All of the horses you see at Magic Kingdom during the parades are housed at this ranch. They also offer pony rides and trail rides as well.

Tri-Circle-D Ranch

The campground has 2 pools on property, Meadow and Wilderness. We typically send to gravitate to the Wilderness pool since it is bigger and also has a water slide which Delaney enjoys. The Meadow pool is smaller and towards the front of the campground where the Wilderness is about half way towards the back and surrounds shops, dining, canoeing, gem mining and so much more.

Headed to the pool
Meadow pool, and my husbands feet 🙂
Delaney enjoying the water slide at Meadow pool

Next time you want to take a nice relaxing family trip make sure to check out Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground and Cabins at the Walt Disney Resort. There is something for everyone to enjoy and the people and atmosphere are great perks. Until next time my friends, have a magical day.

A beautiful sunset at one of the many ponds on property