💅🏼 Hidden Mickey Classic Nude Nails 💅🏼

Warm pink nails with a glitter ombre accent nail. Finished off with a rhinestone hidden mickey.

Counting down the days till the 45th anniversary of the Magic Kingdom



We are fastly approaching the 45th anniversary of Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom.  On October 1st 1971, the late Walt Disney’s dream was made into a reality.  Unfortunately he was not able to live to it’s completion, Roy Disney made his brothers vision, “The Florida Project”, a reality.


Walt Disney has already released a few of the special commemorative items on their shopping apps and some soon to be released items still to come.  I snatched up one of the limited passholder t-shirts before they were no longer available and you can bet you will see me around the park wearing it on that historical day.


Some of the original attractions that were at the Magic Kingdom on opening day in 1971 are still used to this day.  Obvisouly they have had many refurbishments over the years but the original idea and design is still in use.  Which of the original attractions is your favorite?  Take my poll below and see how your answers tally up to others.  Mine personally is the Haunted Mansion 🙂  Stay Disney my friend’s and have a magical day.




🏅DIY: How to display your medals🏅

I needed more space to display my medals from all the races I have competed in and I wanted to seperate the Disney ones from the “other” ones lol. I went to Lowes and bought just a basic curtain rod, the expandable kind, and mounted it on the wall. I added the Mickey hands to the ends for that extra Disney touch.  

Update: runDisney Virtual Running Shorts completed 🏅

The package came very nicely arranged with my medals, a cup, and a little card of congratulations.  We have completed the series and can’t wait till the wine and dine  around Epcot in November 🍷👟🏅

Yeahhhhhhhhh it arrived!!!!!

The cup that came included when you competed in the series.

It was a hot one this morning!!!

🏅Upgrade to the runDisney 5k races🏅

The only let down I had with registering for the runDisney 5k races was that the medals you received at the completion of your race were rubber, they were not the nice medals that you would get if you ran a 10k or farther.  Kind of a disappointment especially since the races were not cheap.  runDisney announced today exciting news.  Run on over to their blog and take a look for yourself.  They even have photos of the new medals for a few of the upcoming 5ks.  Have a magical day everyone.✨







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Thank you 🙂

⌚️ Apple Watch…Mickey Mouse style ⌚️

Well obviously one of the main reasons I decided to break down and get an Apple Watch was because of the options to change the image on the screen to different themes and of course you know I was going to use the animated Mickey Mouse ❤️

His iconic yellow shoes tap out the seconds and once the new update comes out this fall you will be able to hear him talk by simply pressing the screen 😋


Minnie Mouse will be added to the lineup also with the new update when it is released and she will speak the time as well 🎀. If you have not already seen one of these awesome watches in person, I highly recommend you test one out and they have so many cool features that you can use at the parks too like the activity tracker which counts your steps and calories burned.  I would love to get some of your feedback if you own an Apple Watch and maybe some hacks or tricks you have found along the way with using yours.  Thanks for your input and have a magical day ✨

🍎 My little Snow White 🍎

snow white edited


I was able to snap this photo of Delaney in our front yard while she  was wearing her new Snow White princess dress and then used the picmonkey.com photo editing website to put the seven dwarfs over her photo as an overlay.  LOVE ❤️