Counting down the days till the 45th anniversary of the Magic Kingdom



We are fastly approaching the 45th anniversary of Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom.  On October 1st 1971, the late Walt Disney’s dream was made into a reality.  Unfortunately he was not able to live to it’s completion, Roy Disney made his brothers vision, “The Florida Project”, a reality.


Walt Disney has already released a few of the special commemorative items on their shopping apps and some soon to be released items still to come.  I snatched up one of the limited passholder t-shirts before they were no longer available and you can bet you will see me around the park wearing it on that historical day.


Some of the original attractions that were at the Magic Kingdom on opening day in 1971 are still used to this day.  Obvisouly they have had many refurbishments over the years but the original idea and design is still in use.  Which of the original attractions is your favorite?  Take my poll below and see how your answers tally up to others.  Mine personally is the Haunted Mansion 🙂  Stay Disney my friend’s and have a magical day.




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