4 Parks, 1 Day Challenge: How my daughter and I conquered the task

We had not started out the day with the intention of trying to visit all four parks in one day. We only had planned to go to Magic Kingdom to purchase a specific pandora charm that had just been released. We headed over to Magic Kingdom at around noon from the Polynesian where we had made a stop for a quick visit. Once at the kingdom and while waiting in line for Thunder Mountain, I came up with the bright idea to go pay a visit to the other three parks and ride at least one ride at each. On a side note, we did not even get started with our first park until noon that day 😳. This was for sure going to be a challenge. Ok, here we go!

Riding the monorail from the TTC to Magic Kingdom

First stop on our version of the “4 Parks, 1 Day” challenge brought us to Magic Kingdom. Our ride choice for this park was Thunder Mountain. Yes we could have rode a ride much closer to the front of the park but that would have been taking the easy way out. Park 1 was now complete, off to our second stop.

For the second park in our challenge, we headed to Hollywood studios. We had to choose a show instead of a ride because of the wait times in the standby lines since we did not have fastpasses. We watched Muppet Vision 3D. Again, this attraction is all the way in the back corner of the park. We sure got in our steps for the day with all this walking. Delaney had to get a spirit jersey like me so she had a wardrobe change between Hollywood Studios and our next destination.

Our third stop brought us to Animal Kingdom. Luckily we had priority parking because their lot was very full by the time we arrived. Priority brought us much closer to the front entrance of the park making it easier to get in and out since the day was coming to a close and we still had one more park to visit when we were done here.

At Animal Kingdom we had to do another show because of no fastpass availability at this time of day. We watched It’s Tough to be a Bug.

With the sun starting to set to the west of us, we needed to head out and drive over to our final destination, EPCOT.

We saved the best for last in my opinion. I l°o°ve EPCOT. We decided on The Seas with Nemo and Friends ride. We got in our clam shells and rode off into the big blue world. The night sky’s were now upon us and it was time to conquer our next task, the drive home lol.

We had a blast that day and I wouldn’t have wanted to spend it with anyone else. Just me and my Minnie Me °o° lol. Until next time my friends, have a magical day ✨

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