🚘 The benefits of doing “preferred parking” at Walt Disney World 🚘

With it being a race weekend here at Walt Disney, the parks are super busy. The parking lot at Magic Kingdom is parking all the way out to the usual Christmas time section as I call it as of 10:45 am. We chose to do preferred parking today which was our first time utilizing this offer. The cost is $40 but if you are an annual passholder, you only have to pay the difference which is $20.

Preferred parking includes up close parking to the parks which is able to be used at any park all day long so if you plan on park hopping, it can be used all day for that one price 💲. They also supply you with water bottles for everyone in your vehicle.

ng to lie is was an awesome feeling getting to drive past everyone parking out in the back lot while I progressively move farther and farther to the front by the entrance. We are parked in the second row from the TTC (transportation and ticket center) !!!!!

w if I could justify paying the full $40 for preferred parking but if your a passholder and Magic Kingdom is super busy, I highly recommend upgrading and paying the $20. You won't regret the shorter distance to walk, especially at the end of the day when you are ready to leave. Until next time, stay Disney my friends ✨

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