👟🍷Disney’s Wine & Dine 2016: Inaugural 10k👟🍷

I know I am a tad late in posting about this race seeing how it was two weeks ago, but unfortunately I have had a lot going on since then involving getting in an automobile accident and all the things that come along with that.  Hopefully I will be healed up and ready for my next race in January which is a half, so I will need to be on top of my game by then.

So I competed in the Inaugural 10k during the Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend.  Unfortunately I had to run it alone this year because my sister did not get registered in time before it sold out.  At least it was only 6.2 miles by myself…I don’t think I could have talked to myself for a whole 13.1 lol.

Leaving for the race

The packet pickup process this year went wayyyyyyyy smoother then previous years.  Maybe they took some of the participants suggestions with issues in the past and made changes.  As usual, by the time I got there for the expo, they were already sold out of many of the special race merchandise. Oh well, nothing I couldn’t live without and just ends up saving me more money…till I find something else I want lol.

The course was the usual start in Epcot parking lot, traveling around the outside and entering through a back lot between Norway and China in the world showcase.  We run through the world showcase exiting between France and the UK for a trip around the boardwalk and then return back inside the park for the final stretch.

Photo stop on the boardwalk with Chip & Dale

Running around world showcase

Before the race started

The temperature was nice this year, at least for my run in the morning at 5:30 am.  Delaney ran in the kid races that afternoon and it had warmed up a lot by then.  I decided to wear the Mickey hands as part of my costume this year and they were a little warm at times, not to mention hard to maneuver if I needed to adjust my ear buds or use my phone to take a picture. Something to think about next time when planning a costume lol.
 I was very proud of my time, it was a personal best for myself 🏅and Delaney did awesome in her race too. It’s great that Disney offers the races for kids too. Her race was 200m for her age division. She proudly wore that medal all day! 

Delaney’s 200 m dash


 Overall, it was a great race weekend and we can’t wait till next year and hopefully compete again. Stay Disney my friends and have a magical day ✨.

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