°o° DIY: Park Map Minnie Ears °o°


Supply list:

  • Single sheet of white foam (I used the kind with the adhesive back)
  • Template for Minnie ears 
  • Scissors and Exacto knife
  • 2 park maps ( I used Magic Kingdom)
  • 1 Headband
  • Mod Podge and brush
  • Fabric of choice for Minnie’s bow
  • Hot glue gun 

Step 1:

Trace out your pattern on the foam x 2

Step 2:

Cut out both ears

Step 3:

Attach map to the ear cut outs with adhesive and paint on a thin coat of Modge Podge over the map surface. Put to the side and allow them to dry

Step 4:

If you choose to make your own bow as opposed to using a premade one, follow the photos to assist you in the fabrication

Step 5:

Now it is time for assembly


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