🚢 Disney Cruisen 🚢

The bag I hand painted for our upcoming Disney cruise next month. Love it??? 😍 I bought the iron on patch from a shop on Etsy and the rest I painted with acrylic paints I had on hand at home. Can’t wait to show it off.  


💎Review-JustBlingN Etsy Shop💎


I was on the hunt for a new lanyard for my work ID when I came across the JustBlingN shop on Etsy. Anything Disney and bling combined is a must in my book!

  Great attention to detail and the little extras she includes are a great personalized touch. The hand written thank you card was very sweet. It all came packaged in trendy wrapping and who knew they even made purple bubble wrap lol. 

 If you need anything Bling’N, you should check out this Etsy shop and tell them Heather sent you from The Rhoden’s: Disney Addicts.


⚫️🔴⚪️ Review-myMark Customs Shop on Etsy⚪️🔴⚫️

I came across this shop when I was searching around on Etsy for something that embodied the three things that I love… monograms, polka dots and anything Disney!  Well in  the words of the great Mickey Mouse, “Oh Boy”, did I find it.


Seeing how I live in Florida and you can never have too many hats to protect you from the sun, I came across this listing in myMark Customs Shop for a monogrammed mouse head patch hat, incorporating all the things I was looking for. I jumped on it and made the order. Great communication from the shop owner and her recommendations as well with the coloring. With a good turnaround time and super fast shipping, I got my hat in no time at all.



If you are in the market for a super cute accessory for your next Disney trip, head on over to myMark Customs Shop and take a look around. Tell them The Rhoden’s: Disney Addicts sent you. Have a magical day ✨


Disclaimer: ” I am NOT compensated for the writing of this blog.  This is a personal weblog and the opinions expressed here represent my own and not those of the Disney Corporation. On that note, have a magical day ✨. “

🍴 Cooking with Mickey 🍴

My Mickey Kitchen

I can’t say enough about Disney’s kitchen accessories, especially their current line which includes the taupe and black colors paired together with the burlap natural feel. I picked up a few new items from the marketplace co-op at downtown Disney this past weekend to add to my collection. My next goal is to save up for the ceramic canisters for the countertop. They also have a version of the canisters that has a chalkboard label on it, super cute.

Cute fridge magnet clips

You can find everything from cookie cutters and ice cube trays shaped like Mickey Mouse, to cookbooks and dishtowels galore. A nice service that they offer at the Disney parks when you purchase large or heavy merchandise is that they will hold it for you until you depart that day and you can just pick it up as you leave the park. This comes in super handy especially if you purchase anything that is breakable and wouldn’t withstand being just thrown in the bottom of the stroller basket where my bags usually end up.

Sink stopper

I hope this post has inspired you to add a little Disney Magic to your kitchen. Until next time, stay Disney my friends 😉

😍 Hidden Mickeys Make You Smile 😍

 You know your a Disney addict when… 
You spot a hidden Mickey in the spilt acrylic liquid at work on the patient drape. A little bit of Disney magic for my day ❤️


🐚 A Little Bit of Disney Magic 🐚

Of all the places I would least expect to feel the Disney magic it would be at work.  No don’t get me wrong, I love my job…it’s just not Disney.  Well today you could say I was on cloud nine when I found out my patient was in deed a “friend” of both Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) and Ariel (The Little Mermaid) in her past life, as she referred to it as.  I could have sat there and talked with her for hours with all my “off stage” questions that cast members are not suppose to talk about.  Well, the time came and she had to go into surgery which is what she was here for today so we parted ways.  I left the clinic for a short time and upon my return I couldn’t help but smile.  On my desk, there sat a simple piece of paper that would change my whole day.  Thank you “Ariel” for making my day a little brighter and for keeping the Disney magic alive in us all.

“Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional.” -Walt Disney


🌿Gardening Disney Style🌿

I may not have a green thumb but I can sure pull off a Disney themed garden. CVS had 75% off all their spring items, making none of them over $4.75 and some as low as $.99!!!! Talk about a deal. Anyone who knows Disney knows it usually comes with a larger price tag. Now I have my own little Disney sanctuary where I can go and be at peace when I am missing “home”.