⌚️ Apple Watch…Mickey Mouse style ⌚️

Well obviously one of the main reasons I decided to break down and get an Apple Watch was because of the options to change the image on the screen to different themes and of course you know I was going to use the animated Mickey Mouse ❤️

His iconic yellow shoes tap out the seconds and once the new update comes out this fall you will be able to hear him talk by simply pressing the screen 😋


Minnie Mouse will be added to the lineup also with the new update when it is released and she will speak the time as well 🎀. If you have not already seen one of these awesome watches in person, I highly recommend you test one out and they have so many cool features that you can use at the parks too like the activity tracker which counts your steps and calories burned.  I would love to get some of your feedback if you own an Apple Watch and maybe some hacks or tricks you have found along the way with using yours.  Thanks for your input and have a magical day ✨

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