🍴 Cooking with Mickey 🍴

My Mickey Kitchen

I can’t say enough about Disney’s kitchen accessories, especially their current line which includes the taupe and black colors paired together with the burlap natural feel. I picked up a few new items from the marketplace co-op at downtown Disney this past weekend to add to my collection. My next goal is to save up for the ceramic canisters for the countertop. They also have a version of the canisters that has a chalkboard label on it, super cute.

Cute fridge magnet clips

You can find everything from cookie cutters and ice cube trays shaped like Mickey Mouse, to cookbooks and dishtowels galore. A nice service that they offer at the Disney parks when you purchase large or heavy merchandise is that they will hold it for you until you depart that day and you can just pick it up as you leave the park. This comes in super handy especially if you purchase anything that is breakable and wouldn’t withstand being just thrown in the bottom of the stroller basket where my bags usually end up.

Sink stopper

I hope this post has inspired you to add a little Disney Magic to your kitchen. Until next time, stay Disney my friends 😉

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